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Energy-efficient houses

The Kiukki Construction company was established in 2018, based on experience from the construction and architectural industry, which has been continuously acquired since 2000.

We offer services in the field of architectural and construction design, construction in framework technology and energy-saving masonry, as well as supervision and technical consulting.

At Kiukki Construction we use prefabrication of a skeleton house, which significantly reduces the construction time.
We are able to build a house up to 20 weeks of developer status. This time depends on the complexity and size of the house.

At Kiukki Construction, we know that building a home is a rather complex operation that requires knowledge, skills and patience, which is why we approach each client individually. We help to get the required documents and permits, we advise, we adapt – we’re leading the way to the goal.

We will make foundations for you, we will set up a house and outbuildings, we will develop the property area. We will put all installations, heat pump, recuperator, biological treatment plant and finish the interior.

We have been cooperating with trusted architects who have experience in designing energy-efficient frame houses and traditionally brick buildings.

We will present the exact quote after analysing the project and determining its level of difficulty.

We invite you to cooperation,
Kiukki Construction team